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Microsoft Flight Simulator – Türkçe dil desteğine kavuştu! (Sim Update 12 yayınlandı)

Microsoft Flight Simulator – Türkçe dil desteğine kavuştu! (Sim Update 12 yayınlandı)

Sim Update 12 ile Microsoft Flight Simulator için resmi Türkçe dil desteği güncellemesi yayınlandı. %100 tam Türkçe olarak uçuş simülatörünü kullanabilirsiniz. Canlı yayınımız sırasında Türkçe çeviriyi detaylıca inceleyip gösterdik. Özellikle böyle bir simülatör için Türkçe dil desteğinin yayınlanması hem bizi hem de topluluğu çok memnun etti. Eğitim kısmında altyazı desteği de var.

Güncellemede Xbox konsolları için beklenen WASM desteği geliyor. Bu sayede özel uçak eklentileri Xbox Series konsollarına yayınlanabilecek. Öte yandan simülatörün kurulumu ve yükleme işlemlerinde çeşitli optimizasyonlar ile açılış süresini hızlandırmak adına iyileştirmeler yapılmış. Ve çok beklenen Türbülans hava durumu özelliği de nihayet geliyor. Bulunduğunuz irtifa, ortam ve hava durumlarında bunda etkili oluyor. Yardımcı seçenekler kısmında Pilotaj ayarlarından düşük, orta veya gerçekçi olarak ayarlayabilirsiniz. Hava durumunda daha önce eklenen Termaller için de iyileştirmeler mevcut. Glider(planör) için iyileştirmeler yapılırken helikopterler için de önemli düzeltmeler ve geliştirmeler geliyor. Buna iniBuilds A310 iyileştirmeleri de dahil edilmiş.

MSFS’in çıkışından bu yana yayınlanmış olan tüm Dünya Güncellemeleri(World Update Series) için genel bir iyileştirme ve düzeltme güncellemesini de içeriyor.

Antonov AN-225 uçak eklentisi de Xbox Series X|S konsol kullanıcıları için WASM desteği sayesinde kullanılabilir oldu. Aynı zamanda AN Simulations tarafından geliştirilen Antonov AN-2 uçağı da Marketplace üzerinden nihayet satışa sunuldu.

Sim Update 12 bir simülasyon güncellemesi olduğu için MSFS’in her tarafı için bir iyileştirme ve düzeltme söz konusudur. Aşağıda tüm uçaklar ve daha önce gelen özellikler için güncelleme değişiklik listesi bulunuyor.


v1.31.22.0 Güncelleme Değişiklik Listesi




  • Several crashes have been fixed across the title
  • Fixed a bug in the purchase flow of MSFS Marketplace
  • Keyboard shortcut to toggle Screen Narrator on/off has been added
  • Control Options menu stops reset to top when assigning a button.
  • “Set Departure”, “Set arrival” & “Zoom to Details” are now appearing when Airport Icon is clicked
  • Fixed aircraft visibility issues with their interior and exterior model
  • Corrected an issue that caused some multiplayer planes to display a purple texture on their Glass cockpits.
  • Fixed Engine Governor being incorrectly labeled
  • Fixed game freeze during boot
  • Added parameter to cfg that allows to fix the legacy flight model integration of the accelerations that was causing wrong accelerations and g-force calculations in the legacy flight model. Integrated collision constraint response into the force calculation for g force estimation when on ground. This allows to have 1.0 when still on ground even with some suspension systems that don’t have enough force to counter gravity.
  • Fixed issues in the building generation that could caused crashes
  • Various localization improvements



  • Fixed airport considered as water if runways have undefined surface type
  • Added Weight & Balance visualization for rotorcraft.



  • [Partially Fixed] Glass cockpit externalization has been reworked. There’s no intermediate window anymore; each glass cockpit opens a distinct window with the glass cockpit name. Window position and size is saved when ending a flight.
  • With multi-layout screens cockpits, mouse collision for glass cockpit externalization is now received only by the current active glass cockpit.
  • Navlog timer no longer resets when user closes and reopens it
  • Fixed SimConnect injected traffic planes not following the assigned flight plan
  • Fixed live traffic planes incorrectly following departure procedures
  • Fixed live traffic planes staying stuck at hold short in some airports
  • Fixed live traffic planes staying at low altitude after takeoff
  • Fixed SimConnect injected traffic being often unable to depart from the departure gate
  • Fixed traffic planes causing performance issue in the world map
  • Fixed live traffic planes sometimes not showing nameplate
  • Fixed live traffic planes sometimes spawning at an incorrect location and unable to move
  • Fixed live traffic planes staying at low altitude during go around
  • Fixed a crash where ATC uses an invalid runway number
  • Glass cockpit: Waypoint with no associated city now show an empty city field instead of random characters.
  • Glass cockpit: NavigationData expiration year is now properly displayed when date range extends over two years.







GARMIN G3000 / G5000

  • Fixed incorrectly rendered lists when the number of items in the list was very large.
  • Fixed various instances where FMS would not automatically tune the primary approach frequency when loading or activating ILS/LOC/LDA/SDF/VOR approaches.
  • The GTC Airport Information page will now display the primary approach frequencies for all ILS/LOC/LDA/SDF approaches at the airport in the Freq tab.
  • The PFD traffic inset map’s range labels are now always displayed in the bottom left to avoid conflicts with other map elements.
  • Fixed long approach names from overflowing the approach button on the GTC Select Approach page.
  • Miscellaneous map memory optimizations.
  • Fixed a bug where on-route direct-tos incorrectly inherited the turn direction of their target legs.
  • Fixed a bug where the initial course of an on-route direct-to was set in true degrees instead of the expected magnetic degrees.
  • Fixed a bug where the flight plan would become corrupted when syncing a world map flight plan with an approach and at least one enroute waypoint but no departure or arrival.
  • Advanced VNAV no longer tries to capture descent altitude constraints during climb phase.
  • Added aural alerts for TIS/TAS/TCAS traffic and resolution advisories.
  • Added support for choosing aural alert voice type (male/female).
  • Enabled the Direct-To buttons in the GTC Waypoint Information and NRST pages.
  • Most aural alerts that trigger at the same time will now be played back in a queue instead of overlapping each other. Note that some alerts are still allowed to overlap others.
  • New CAS warning and caution messages are now accompanied by an aural chime.
  • The active NAV source is now reset to FMS when the system is power cycled.
  • Fixed a bug where the VSR navigation data bar field always displayed dashes (‘––––’).
  • Selecting a waypoint in the GTC Direct-To page (either via the keyboard or the Nearest tab) that matches the current Direct-To target will now load the appropriate existing Direct-To information.
  • Selecting a waypoint in the GTC Direct-To page (either via the keyboard or the Nearest tab) that is in the primary flight plan will now cause an on-route direct-to to be created when the Activate button is pressed.


G1000 NXI



  • Fixed some page navigation issues where the right knob push would not close dialogs






  • FLO mode transition now takes into account density altitude
  • Fixed Load % to display the correct individual engine power.
  • Fixed a bug on WASM & TS glass cockpits using the zero pitch line of the PFD. The line now represents the 0° of the aircraft
  • Fixed contrail effects on some planes
  • Corrected an issue that caused the P-51 Bunny to display a white screen instead of the radio.
  • [Partially Fixed] an issue that caused some lights on the B747 and A320 to incorrectly react to interaction with their controls.
  • Corrected an issue that caused LEFT/RIGHT_AXIS_BRAKE_SET to incorrectly affect both brakes.
  • [P-51 Mrs Virginia] Landing gear doors animations are now working correctly
  • External HUD : Variometer is no longer displayed on external HUD when not relevant to the aircraft.
  • [Checklists] Fixed inconsistent XML parsing behavior between PC and consoles
  • [Known Issue] LS8 can be pushed towards the ground when using winch launch method



  • Engine power jump was reduced during the governor activation.
  • Added an engine trimmer. If the helicopter has this feature, it is now possible to slightly change the nominal engine/rotor RPM that a governor is trying to maintain. Please, refer to the new input commands in the Control Options menu: “ENGINE TRIM RPM INCREASE” and “ENGINE TRIM RPM DECREASE”
  • The throttle control logic for multi-engine helicopters has become more consistent.
  • Fixed Tail rotor increment for better controllability with gamepad Helicopter profile (without tail rotor assistance)


AIRBUS 310-300

  • Significant sound improvements in all areas of the aircraft (numerous reports are covered in this).
  • External lights adjusted for a more realistic experience.
  • Pressure system bug resolved.
  • Improvements to T/D logic.
  • Flight deck door resolution improved on Base version.
  • FMS symbol tweaked to be more realistic.
  • VOR* to VOR transition in capture bug resolved.
  • Landing weight calculations on FMC for imperial fixed.
  • Sliders added in EFB.
  • VOR1 RMI disappears when overlapping VOR 2 needle bug fixed.
  • SPD LIM mode premature bug fixed.
  • Galley latches repositioned to closed position.
  • Console unit flood light moveable.
  • Trim wheel integral light now added.
  • Glass added on outstanding cockpit gauges.
  • Added magnetic variation to navaids.
  • Autobrake commands added for hardware.
  • INIT B & LW bugs fixed.
  • RSK a waypoint to VERT REV bug fixed.
  • Loading co-route character removal bug fixed.
  • Custom PBD can now be added on new waypoint page and entering directly into F-PLN.
  • When selecting INHG in options, perf calc bug fixed.
  • Negative temperatures in EFB, now inserting correctly.
  • vPilot COM 2 bug fixed.
  • Sticker on door bug fixed.
  • Cargo doors now use brake accumulator.
  • Chrono bug fixed.
  • SEC FPLN crashes fixed.
  • CG prompt in FUEL PRED adjusted to ZFWCG.
  • Some light leaking fixed.
  • ATC/AI audio bug fixed.
  • Triggering secondary approach more than once crash fixed.
  • VHF2 and 3 now audible in cockpit.
  • Volume knob pull to mute working in A310.
  • Players voice now heard when talking to ATC.
  • Fuel page line amber when it should be green.
  • EFB checklist upon scrolling bug fixed.
  • Brake accumulator logic improved.
  • LBS when over 100,000 clipping fixed.
  • Extra fuel/time now gets calculated when an ALTN is selected.
  • EMER LTs state in Cold and Dark bug fixed.
  • ATHR to GA keybind bug fixed.
  • INIT B selecting values bug fixed.
  • Stab trim movement during different HYD pressure bug fixed.
  • Overall hardware compatibility improved with HoneyComb Bravo, Saitek panels.
  • APU fire test conditions logic improved.
  • Ailerons position bug fixed in 15/0 state.
  • VOR/Navaid Identifier Sound not working fixed.
  • Unable to query sim waypoint database from REF page fixed.
  • Fixed HSI changes on selector in flight deck.
  • Wiper no longer moves with no power.
  • Fixed loudspeaker not making sound.
  • Fixed issue where aircraft systems freeze mid-flight.
  • Entered temps not appearing on weather page of f-plan fixed.
  • Expose current altimeter reference value fixed.
  • Fire Loop lights on switched to AC ESS instead of AC EMER bus.
  • ADF needles now point to true bearing not magnetic.
  • Fixed abnormal behavior when choosing NONE STAR approach and transition.
  • WASM API nav data waypoint structure adjusted.
  • Updated translation files.


BELL 407

  • Engine performance increased to match more closely the real-world behavior.
  • Now it is easier to overstress the rotor RPM and torque under heavy load.
  • The helicopter is easier to stabilize now in cruise flight with trim and assistances turned off.
  • Low rotor warning sound now sounds when the battery is switched on.
  • Annunciators illumination is stronger now in DIM mode.
  • Altimeter barometric scale values now match up with the simulator values.
  • Gauge illumination is toned down preventing it to being overblown on maximum brightness settings.
  • Auto-trim switch has been removed.
  • Force trim switch has been removed.
  • Pedal stop functionality added (limits left pedal movement during flight) above 50 kts.
  • Rotor rotation animation in multiplayer is now functioning.
  • Rotor brake is functional again.
  • Used fuel type in the weight and balance settings is JET fuel.
  • Added Turkish language translation.
  • Added Korean language translation.
  • Pedal animation on the connecting rod is fixed.
  • Interior collider adjustments. The camera doesn’t clip into the main panel anymore.
  • VR support adjustments. Full VR support.
  • Reference cruise speed now shows the correct value on the aircraft selection screen.



  • Fixed an issue that could prevent part of the speed brakes from properly triggering on the 747.



  • START mode behavior improved on EPM
  • Better synchronization between engine RPM and rotor RPM
  • In Direct To Page, magnetic bearing is displayed instead of true bearing
  • Throttle handle animation is now working correctly
  • Fixed miro drift on ground contact with helicopters. Fixed Cabri skid suspension settings; Cabri now stable on ground.



  • Fixed ground steering during takeoff to compensate for crosswind



  • MFD: Fixed battery electrical indications always showing 0
  • AP: Fixed altitude capture not engaging in TO vertical mode
  • Disabled unused COM3 radio receiver
  • Adjusted brightness of Standby Indicator
  • Fixed the AoA indexer not indicating the correct AoA
  • Fixed sim checklist stuck in After Starting Engines checklist
  • Fixed wrong state indication on APPR button tooltip
  • FMC: Fixed ARRIVALS page not working when airport features approaches not tied to a specific runway
  • FMC: Fixed discontinuities piling up when editing procedures
  • YD/AP DISC Bar now disables the Yaw Damper
  • Fixed Overspeed Warning audio not always working
  • Fixed an issue with the Direct To initial Course being incorrect
  • Fixed an issue where the FMA would always show LOC1/VOR1 even when nav source is NAV2
  • TOGA button on the Thrust Lever is now active
  • Added automatic VOR tuning functionality
  • Added the FLT LOG page to the FMC and flight tracking
  • The FLT LOG page will show on the FMC after landing based on the setting in DEFAULTS
  • Added ability to ident the transponder on the FMC ATC CONTROL page
  • Fixed an issue where fuel used tracking on FUEL MGMT page 2 was not correct
  • Reduced pitch instability and adjusted elevator authority, tweaked roll rates at various speeds to keep light control feel but reduce excess performance
  • Adjusted flaps to achieve a better compromise between approach angle and flaps pitch/lift moments, reduced flaps drag at both flaps levels
  • Slightly increased top end engine thrust to address a few reports of insufficient climb power
  • Increased gear down drag
  • Increased gyro stability to reduce excessive turbulence impact
  • Adjusted load stations to be more in line with real loadout
  • Added additional groundwheel friction to avoid skidding during moderate crosswind landings
  • ILS data is now loaded from the approach FAF origin facility to allow for nav-to-nav and auto-tune even when scenery runway data does not have the appropriate ILS reference information
  • Fixed bugs related to visual approach loading and visual approach vnav guidance
  • Fixed missing basic aural alerts
  • COM input now allows to enter frequencies
  • Limit types of airports displayed on the map to show only suitable ones



  • Fixed incorrect pitot heat logic.
  • Fixed the AILERON(S)_LEFT/RIGHT key events commanding ailerons in the opposite direction as intended.
  • The engine auto-start and auto-shutdown procedures (Ctrl-E and Ctrl-Shift-E) now function correctly.
  • The standby instrument now automatically adjusts its backlight levels.
  • Autothrottle no longer requires gear and flaps to be retracted to change from TO mode to SPD/CLIMB/DESC modes.
  • Taxi auto-tests now require engines running to begin evaluating.
  • Fixed broken external animations for non-default liveries.
  • Fixed incorrect load station count in cfg, and adjusted passenger load positions to match standard 8-seat configuration.
  • Increased ND elevator trim limit to prevent AP from running out of trim authority at low altitudes and high speeds.
  • Fixed AFCS control panel APR button tooltip.
  • Added BRAKE FAIL and GENS OFF aural alerts.
  • The G5000’s active NAV source now defaults to FMS when starting a flight.
  • The AFCS control panel UP/DN wheel now changes pitch reference when the AP is in PIT mode.
  • Fixed broken rotate animations on the CRS knobs.
  • The 500-foot touchdown callout will now sound as appropriate. Also added other touchdown callouts from 450 to 50 feet.



  • Fixed in VR elevator not moving.
  • Fixed engine audio from nearby Jenny aircraft can be heard within cockpit.
  • Added Phone EFB with Compass, Indicated Air Speed, Radio and XPDR functionality tied to core sim.
  • Added electrical system for the EFB.
  • Added EFB section to the Flight Manual.
  • Added right bracket in cockpit to Show/Hide EFB.



  • Increased maximum nose wheel steering angle to 28 degrees, and increased speed at which nose wheel steering starts becoming less effective to 10 knots.
  • [Partially Fixed Increased brightness of taxi and landing lights.
  • Pulse lights no longer draw additional power when landing lights are on.
  • Fixed broken door animations for non-default liveries
  • Fixed handling of electrical battery key events.
  • Improved compatibility with hardware that send electrical battery and external power key events every frame.
  • Fixed AFCS control panel APR button tooltip.
  • The overspeed, stall, and landing gear aural alerts will now sound as appropriate.
  • The G3000’s active NAV source now defaults to FMS when starting a flight.
  • Fixed broken rotate animations on the CRS knobs.





  • Improved adverse yaw, balance, handling qualities and spoiler drag
  • Improved stall to match stalling characteristics as described in the flight manual (wing drop)
  • Winch launch now requires the technique as described in the DG-1001E flight manual: “During ground roll and initial take-off push the control stick to a forward position to prevent excessive nose-up pitching rotation during initial take-off. After reaching safety altitude gradually pull back on the stick, so that the glider will not pick up excessive speed. Don’t pull too hard. After reaching release altitude pull the tow release knob. Recommended winch launch airspeed 110-130 km/h (60-70 kts.).



  • Upside down illegible writing on rear door stairs in Blue stripe Livery.
  • Landing light switches are no longer reversed.
  • Underside beacon light illuminates correctly.
  • Multiple items can now be manually completed with evaluation mode.
  • Landing gear text decal is no longer obstructed by open passenger door switch.
  • DC-3 Aux tanks correctly feed the engine.
  • HUD correctly indicates state of flaps.
  • DC-3 cockpit model – Nose rivets remade.
  • With the propellers feathered moving the prop control affects all the propellers.
  • DC-3 cockpit model – Screws no longer clip through window frame.
  • Beacon Light switch is targetable.
  • Instrument texture no longer disappears when zooming out in external/showcase view.
  • The user can’t hear the wind on takeoff even if all audio is turned off.
  • Red yellow cargo image in liveries selection is consistent with livery in free flight.
  • Blue stripe image in liveries selection is consistent with livery in free flight.
  • Image for ole dusty livery in selection screen does match the livery in free flight.
  • Mesh switch turns off and now the state of the switch correctly indicates it is off.
  • Carb Air temperature correctly matches sim.
  • Beacon light underneath fuselage can now be turned on.
  • There is now a switch in cockpit to toggle on/off beacon light.
  • Quickview 3 in cockpit camera is positioned correctly.
  • Tooltip indicates correct state of Master Ignition switch.
  • Off position on the right fuel selector now fixed.
  • Cold dark switch use failing to show fuel pressure is fixed.
  • Checklist for starting engine now says to wait 2 seconds.
  • Scroll wheel issue with Desired Heading knob has been recoded.
  • Spawning at night on runway, Cockpit lights now are on.
  • Typo present in Hangar Description has been rectified.
  • DC-3 Thumbnails now match the model.
  • AUX Fuel gauge needles are fixed.
  • Incorrect string on AUX fuel weight and balance fixed.
  • Hole in cargo doors from inside cargo bay hold fixed.
  • Various light leaks fixed.
  • Texture improvements throughout the model(s).



  • Fixed duplicate key name errors.
  • Fixed cockpit camera clipping through floor.
  • Fixed typo in cockpit placard.
  • Fixed typo in loading screen trivia.
  • Fixed engine audio from nearby Goose aircraft can be heard within cockpit.
  • Added Phone EFB with Radio and XPDR functionality tied to core sim.
  • Added Switches to Show/Hide EFB and Turn ON/OFF Avionics (including switch audio and decals).
  • Added EFB section to the Flight Manual.
  • Updated translation files.



  • Yoke interaction with VR controllers simulate a yoke instead of a flight stick.
  • Weight and Balance screen no longer contains debug text.
  • Flying very far past Vne now triggers a crash.
  • Modern avionics added.
  • Clipboard updated with new features.
  • Auto-pilot added.
  • Green navigation light orientation.
  • ATC/ICAO params.
  • Prop animation issue on one side.
  • Clipboard items missing check once clicked.
  • CHT, Oil, Radiator temperatures have been adjusted.
  • The blurred propellers no longer cast shadows.



  • Improved adverse yaw, stall and spoiler drag



  • VR controller interaction influence fixed.
  • Multiplayer Art issue fixed (the front was hidden on other Ryan).



  • VR users can launch the aircraft properly now, the throttle is automatically set to 100% once the catapult is triggered.
  • Cockpit collision added.








  • Fixed Rainbow Bridge night texture.
  • Nagasaki Airport RJFU:
    • Fixed Control Tower LOD transition.
    • Added collisions for few missing objects.
  • Hachijojima Airport RJTH:
    • Fixed windsock direction behavior.
    • Fixed multiple objects LOD transition.
    • Added collisions for few missing objects.




  • Fixed Alcatraz Water Tower LOD transition.
  • Fixed the satellite imagery cab be seen on the terrain below New River Gorge Bridge.
  • Added marker to Lowry Avenue Bridge.
  • Fixed Rainbow Bridge Niagara Falls texture.
  • Fixed Haystack Rock position over terrain.
  • Fixed US Grant Bridge textures and blend with the aerial imagery.
  • Fixed Yosemite El Capitan terraforming clipping.
  • Fixed terrain and imagery blending of the Lewis and Clark Bridge.
  • Fixed Navajo Bridge terrain blending.
  • Fixed collisions size of the Monument Valley.
  • Fixed Rainbow Bridge Niagara Falls LODs transition.
  • Added collisions to the US Air Force planes on the Airport Graveyard.
  • Fixed United States National Arboretum is missing textures near the top of the pillars.
  • Fixed Glen Canyon Dam ground textures clipping through the Dam.
  • Added missing building to the National Radio Astronomy Observatory.
  • Added collision to Bixby Creek Bridge.
  • Fixed United States Capitol LOD transition.
  • the Las Vegas Strip is now searchable by name.
  • The Rainbow Bridge, Niagara Falls.
  • Fixed Fort Knox LOD popping.
  • Added collisions to Sunshine Skyway Bridge buildings.
  • Fixed missing texture on Lowry Avenue Bridge.
  • Atlanta Airport KTAL:
    • Fixed the Ground services clipping at parking RAMP 312 CARGO, parking spot N ramp 312 and airliners gate H-4.
    • Fixed flipped textures of Delta hangar and Atlanta Fire Rescue buildings.
    • Added collisions to all buildings.
    • Fixed Bridge on a taxiway.
    • Fixed night lighting disappears at short distances.
  • Friday Harbor Airport KFHR:
    • Fixed few terraforming issues.




  • Fixed Goodison Park LOD popping.
  • Added and improved collisions for the following POIs: 100 Bishopsgate, Wembley Stadium, Blackpool Tower, Durham Cathedral, Floors Castle, The Blair Castle, Blenheim Palace, The Royal Botanical Gardens, Goodison Park, The Eden Project.
  • Fixed St James Park missing texture.
  • Fixed Emirates Stadium model and textures (include misspelling billboards).
  • Fixed Eilean Donan Castle Vegetation clipping.
  • Fixed Canterbury Cathedral LOD pops.
  • Fixed Stamford Bridge LOD 1 and LOD 2 switched.
  • Fixed Blackpool Tower texture clipping.
  • Fixed Kew Garden floating bespoke building.
  • Removed TIN spikes around St. James Park stadium.
  • Fixed Windsor Castle LOD popping.
  • Fixed Pontcysyllte Aqueduct LOD popping.
  • Fixed Glass Pod on British Airways I360 position popping at different distances.
  • Fixed Goodison Park missing textures under Sunroofs.
  • Fixed Floors Castle texture and Added missing texture.
  • Fixed Scotland flag display on Edinburgh Castle.
  • Fixed Archbishop’s Palace Maidstone texture and LOD popping.
  • Fixed Villa Park Stadium LOD popping.
  • Fixed Kew Garden alignment with the satellite imagery footprint.
  • Fixed Anfield Stadium LOD popping.
  • Fixed Glamis Castle Grass vegetation clipping.
  • Fixed Caernarfon Castle displaying.
  • Fixed Wales Millennium Centre LOD transition.
  • Fixed Forth Rail Bridge’s Northside pillar missing textures.
  • Fixed Forth Rail Bridge displays Cars climbing.
  • Fixed Twickenham Stadium and York Minster LOD popping.
  • Liverpool John Lennon Airport EGGP:
  • Barra Airport EGPR:
    • Fixed few taxi path issues.




  • Fixed the Mont Aiguille collision. It is now possible to land at its top.
  • Fixed Stade Jean-Bouin collision.
  • Fixed Stade Vélodrome LOD transition.
  • Nice Cote Airport LFMN
    • Fixed runways center lines missing in both runways.
    • Fixed waypoints and nav procedures issues occurred.
    • Added collision to multiple buildings.




  • Fixed Viking Stadion / SR-Bank LOD popping.
  • Fixed Road traffic driving underneath Storseisundet Bridge and Svinesund Bridge.
  • Fixed Petäjävesi Old Church and Uddevalla Bridge displays double markings.
  • Fixed Cars driving through Copenhagen Opera House.
  • Fixed Copenhagen Opera House LOD popping.
  • Added collisions to the Tjörn Bridge.
  • Fixed Kullen Lighthouse vegetation clipping.
  • Fixed Øresund Bridge terraforming issue.
  • Fixed Brøndby Stadium spawning.
  • Fixed the Bolt Arena missing collision.
  • Fixed Roskilde Cathedral Cars driving up the building.
  • Fixed Helsinki Ice Hall LOD popping.
  • Fixed Blue Water Arena missing collision.
  • Fixed Arctic Cathedral LOD popping.
  • Fixed Aalborg Stadium missing collision.
  • Fixed Tromsø Bridge Road traffic under and beside the Bridge.
  • Fixed floating TIN artifacts/crane near Helsinki Olympic stadium.
  • Fixed Hallgrímskirkja Church missing collision.
  • Fixed Eleda Stadion LOD popping.
  • Fixed Ullevaal Stadion LOD transition.
  • Added collisions to the Ylisto Bridge beams.
  • Fixed Sparebanken Sør Arena LOD popping.
  • Fixed Sölvesborg Bridge vegetation clipping.
  • Stockholm Arlanda Airport ESSA:
    • improved LOD transition of several buildings.
    • Added collisions to all buildings.
    • Fixed terraforming issues include the crack on runway 26.
    • Fixed big crack in runway 26.
  • Svalbard Airport ENSB:
    • Added missing collision to Airport hangar.




  • Fixed occasional displacement of dynamic flags on Sydney Harbour Bridge.
  • Fixed vegetation clipping and placement issues at Anzac Bridge, Sydney.
  • Fixed vegetation clipping at Mooney Mooney Bridge.
  • Fixed flashing geometry on Tasman Bridge, Hobart.
  • Adjusted photogrammetry exclusions at 568 Collins Street, Melbourne.
  • Minor enhancements at several other locations, e.g., clipping vegetation or water exclusions.
  • YSHL Shellharbour Airport:
    • Minimized visible LOD changes of hangars and other buildings.




  • Fixed location of Fort of Sao Joao Baptista and Covão dos Conchos.
  • Fixed or adding collisions:
    • Oscar Niemeyer International Cultural Centre.
    • Royal Palace of Madrid.
    • the Museu Nacional d Art de Catalunya.
    • the Estádio Algarve.
    • Bom Jesus do Monte.
    • Alqueva Dam.
    • Aldeadavila Dam.
    • the Museum of Art Architecture and Technology.
    • Estadio Jose Alvalade.
  • Fixed LOD popping:
    • Montjuic Castle.
    • Estadio Da Luz.
    • Episcopal Palace of Astorga.
    • Covão dos Conchos.
    • San Pablo Bridge.
    • Torre Mapfre.
    • Basilica de La Sagrada Familia.
    • Oscar Niemeyer International Cultural Centre.
    • Puente Nuevo.
    • Fort of Sao Joao Baptista.
    • Estádio Municipal de Aveiro.
    • Estádio do Dragão.
    • Hotel Arts.
    • Observatorio Roque de los Muchachos.
    • El Monumento Natural de los Mallos de Riglos.
    • Palacio de Deportes de Santander.
    • Catedral de Leon.
    • the Alamillo Bridge.
  • Fixed Montjuic Castle vegetation clipping.
  • Fixed Z-fighting in front of the Museum of Art Architecture and Technology.
  • Fixed Estádio Cidade de Coimbra double markers.
  • Fixed Puente Nuevo Cars path.
  • Fixed Guadiana International Bridge 2D footprints over the satellite imagery.
  • Fixed Freixo Bridge- car traffic driving up below the Bridge.
  • Fixed Third Millennium Bridge Cars traffic issue.
  • Fixed Maria Pia Bridge- Cars climbing up to top of Bridge.
  • Fixed Luís I Bridge displays Cars traffic path.
  • Fixed Santiago Bernabeu Stadium seats texture.
  • Fixed Castillo de Santa Barbara texture gaps.
  • Fixed the animation of the Gondola on the Vizcaya Bridge.
  • Fixed Bom Jesus do Monte trees clipping into the building.
  • Fixed Alqueva Dam texture.
  • Fixed Alcázar de Segovia terrain clipping.
  • Fixed Pena Palace trees clipping into the POI.
  • Fixed El Flysch Zumaya and El Capricho Villa POIs name spelling.
  • Fixed Rande Bridge Cars path and trees clipping into the POI.
  • Fixed Aldeadvila Dam vegetation clipping.
  • Fixed Alcázar de Segovia trees clipping into the POI.
  • Fixed El Monasterio de El Escorial Z-fighting.
  • Fixed Monumento a Alfonso XII Z-fighting.
  • Fixed 516 Arouca bridge vegetation clipping.
  • Pico Airport LPPI:




  • Fixed Duomo Di Orvieto LOD popping.
  • Added missing collisions to Basilica San Francesco.
  • Fixed Torri Di San Marino LOD popping.
  • Fixed Diga Di Santa Giustina terrain LOD popping.
  • Added missing collision to Torri Di San Marino.
  • Fixed Faro Di Capo Caccia cliffs collision.
  • Fixed Castle of Corigliano Calabro vegetation clipping.
  • Fixed Fort Manoel collision.
  • Fixed Castello Di Graines collision.
  • Fixed Caserta Royal Palace collision.
  • Fixed Place Moulin Dam vegetation clipping.
  • Fixed Fénis Castle textures issues.
  • Fixed Potola Palace bridges terrain blending.
  • Fixed Fort St Angelo vegetation clipping.
  • Fixed Castelsardo invisible terrain issues.
  • Fixed Palazzo Pitti Z-fighting and LOD popping.
  • Fixed Fort St Angelo vegetation clipping.
  • Fixed National Stadium Ta’Qali collisions.
  • Fixed Fénis Castle vegetation clipping and Added collisions.
  • Fixed Parish Church of Mellieha missing textures.
  • Fixed Mi.Co. Gate 2 vegetation clipping.
  • Fixed Basilica San Francesco vegetation clipping.
  • Fixed Maxxi the National Museum collisions.
  • Fixed Lighthouse Of Genoa powerlines, DEM and generic buildings clipping.
  • Fixed Allianz Stadium vegetation clipping.
  • Fixed Viadotto Sfalassa vegetation clipping.
  • Fixed Basilica Di San Pietro vegetation and TIN clipping.
  • Fixed Basilica Di San Petronio TIN clipping.
  • Added missing collisions to Stadio Marcantonio Bentegodi.
  • Fixed Castelsardo Z-fighting and vegetation clipping.
  • Fixed Grotta Di Nettuno vegetation clipping.
  • Marina Di Campo Airport LIRJ:
    • Fixed double windsocks.




  • Fixed Mount Washington Hotel terraforming.
  • Fixed National Park of American Samoa’s Marker position.
  • Fixed textures stretched in Royal Gorge Bridge & Park’s Rock.
  • Fixed Z-fighting on the roof of the Getty Museum.
  • Fixed the Smithsonian National Museum of American History display name.
  • Fixed the Cabo Rojo Lighthouse marker position and windows textures issues.
  • Fixed the vegetation clipping into the Independence Temple.
  • Fixed the New Orleans bridges collisions.
  • Fixed the US flag in Little Rock Central High School National Historic Site.
  • Fixed the Longaberger Company headquarters and Fort Massachusetts collision.
  • Fixed LODs transitions for the following POIs:
    • Split Rock Lighthouse.
    • Kentucky State Capitol.
    • Indian River Inlet Bridge.
    • World War II Memorial.
    • Cabo Rojo Lighthouse.
    • Yerkes Observatory.
    • Montana State.
    • Mount Washington.
    • Theodore Roosevelt Dam.
    • the Independence Temple.
    • Fort Massachusetts.
    • National Gallery of Art.
  • Lake Tahoe Airport KTVL:
    • Added collisions for few missing buildings.
  • Block Island Airport KBID:
    • Added collisions for few missing buildings.
  • Dallas Forth Worth Airport KDFW:
  • Others:
    • Fixed the Water cracks present at Seven Seas Lagoon near.




  • Fixed TIN buildings exclusion near Hatley Park National Historic Site.
  • Fixed blend of Samuel de Champlain Bridge surrounding terrain.
  • Fixed the double markers of the One on the World map.
  • Fixed Cars floating above Pierre-Laporte Bridge.
  • Fixed Cars flow over Jacques Cartier Bridge and Angus L. Macdonald Bridge.
  • Fixed big Nickel POI name.
  • Fixed the vegetation clipping through Burrard Street Bridge.
  • Fixed Z fighting on the Canadian Museum for Human Rights.
  • Fixed LOD popping of Cape Bonavista Lighthouse cliffs and Cape Spear Lighthouse National Historic cliffs.
  • Fixed the vegetation clipping into the zipline at the Cape Enrage Lighthouse.
  • Fixes Pierre-Laporte Bridge terrain alignment.
  • Fixed the vegetation clipping into the A. Murray MacKay Bridge and Thousand Islands Bridge.
  • Fixed Lions Gate Bridge alignment with tterrain and road.
  • Fixed terrain spikes going through Jacques Cartier Bridge.
  • Fixed Holes in terrain all around Citadel Hill (Fort George).
  • Fixed terrain LOD popping around Parliament of Canada.
  • Fixed terraforming at the Canadian Museum for Human Rights.
  • Fixed TIN data displays next to Fisgard Lighthouse.
  • Added missing building on the Canadian High Arctic Research Station.
  • Added missing building for the Cambridge Bay Radar Station.
  • Fixed collisions of Jacques Cartier Bridge, The Lions Gate Bridge and The Canadian Museum for Human Rights.



  • Meigs Field KCGX:
    • Fixed Z-fighting in runway and tarmac.
    • Fixed taxi to parking after landing.
    • Starting in KCGX helipad while helicopter is selected is now available.
    • ATIS is now available.
  • Hong Kong Kai Tak Airport VHHX:
  • Princess Juliana Airport TNCM:
    • Added collisions to few missing buildings.
    • Fixed the LOD transitions.
  • First Flight Airport KFFA:
    • Fixed Z fighting on pathway.
  • Helipads/Heliports:
    • Lingotto Building LIBH:
      • Fixed the too High collision preventing smooth landing.
      • Fixed Z- fighting on the roof of the building.
    • NYC Heliport KJRB – Added collisions for few missing items.
    • Tokyo Heliport – Added collisions for few buildings.
    • US Bank Tower Helipad:
      • marker is now centered over the helipad.
      • Fixed LOD transition.
    • Heliponto Mirante Dona Marta SMDH:
      • Heliport collisions has been fixed.
      • Fixed LOD transition.
    • Menara Telekom Tower Helipad:
      • marker is now centered over the helipad.
      • Fixed Z-fighting on Water near the tower.
    • Bitexco Financial Tower – Fixed LOD transition.
    • London Heliport EGLW – Removed building appeared inside the Airport perimeter while photogrammetry is off.
    • Needles Lighthouse – Lighthouse Light is now spinning.
    • Issy-Les-Moulineaux Heliport:
      • marker is now centered over the helipad.
  • Glider Airports:
    • Itakura Gliderport RJT1 – Fixed ground and runway textures.





  • Fixed the clipping through the rocks at Seneca Rocks Peak.
  • Fixed Haines Knob collision is size.
  • Fixed collisions in Germany Valley Quarry.
  • Fixed French Gulf Marina has LOD transition.
  • Fixed LOD popping in Riffle Lake Dam.





  • New MBS-015U flight stick from HORI is now supported
  • Added presets for HORI Flightstick XBOX SERIES X|S Flight and PC modes



  • Added TCA Sidestick X Pilot (Helicopter) and T.A320 CoPilot (Helicopters)
  • Added T.Flight Hotas One (Helicopters)
  • Added Saitek Pro Flight X-56 Rhino Stick (Helicopters) and Saitek Pro Flight X-56 Rhino Throttle (Helicopters)
  • Added Saitek X52 Flight Control System (Helicopters)
  • Added T.Flight Stick X (Helicopters)





  • Fixed being unable to leave the pause menu with the Thrustmaster TCA Yoke
  • Fixed default mapping of POV Down on CH Fighterstick
  • Fixed the naming of some keyboard keys on Xbox
  • Fixed softlock by creating an empty gamepad profile on Xbox
  • Fixed a mapping issue for the Gamepad (Fighter Jet) profile where the Afterburner toggle was assigned to the same shortcuts than Back to fly.





  • [Logic] tag behavior in panel.xml has been fixed.
  • Added Cabri G2 Sample
  • Fixed DA62 Sample installer progress text
  • Updated DA62 SDK sample
  • Corrected an issue that caused the “schr” command in calculator code to return an invalid value
  • Fixed a crash where long aircraft’s title (> 64 char) might crash the sim. Aircraft’s title must be smaller than 128 chars
  • [Console] Description field is now selectable.
  • SDK: package tool: fix compilation of localization for missions using wrong absolute path
  • Fixed crash when loading glTF files that have animations in scenes that aren’t loaded
  • Fixed crash when destroying models in the middle of the LOD update (see: )
  • Fixed version number shown in MSFS Localization Manager
  • WebAssembly: Fixed buggy implementation of memcpy in GdiPlus, causing occasionnal crashes
  • Fixed textures paths for SDK Xbox Samples (Cliffton Bridge and Tokyo Haneda)
  • [HELICOPTER] Added a parameter to the config file to allow helicopter throttle(s) to be controlled directly by SimVars, bypassing all the built-in helicopter engine control algorithms. Please, see SDK for details



  • Removed useless entries in Info section of Virtual File System tool
  • Fixed “Copy Layout To Clipboard” in Virtual File System tool
  • Added autoselection of newly added material in Material Editor
  • Fixed crash when attempting to spawn an FX on an invalid node
  • Fixed texture .FLAGS file creation in Material Editor
  • Added range constraints for Bezier editor
  • [ImGui] Fixed input text fields not updating correctly with texts longer than the frame box.
  • Rearrange the devmode menu bar, with new menus and better distinction between “Editors” and “Tools”.
  • New Layout manager in Options->User Interface->Layouts. You can save and load layouts (= devmode windows position/size/docking node). Added a default layout with editors windows docked in appropriate places.
  • New Aircraft Creation Wizard include templates for various engines
  • Improved camera orbit on an object not snapped to ground
  • Fixed DeleteNavAtAirport that was removing Vor, Ndb and waypoints every time
  • Improved package order tool: ability to bypass family rules with priorities
  • Fix taking screenshots and aircraft thumbnails from DevMode softlocking the game in Smart Docking Mode
  • Fixed crash at validation stage upon exporting a project



  • Add new fields to NavData API
  • Improved conflict management with incomplete data using NavData API
  • Pause event are now well sent through SimConnect
  • Add new function to SimConnect: RequestJetwayData
  • It is now possible to request Lvar using AddDataToDefinition
  • Added new tool to debug SimConnect: SimConnect Inspector
  • Localization String should now be translated using AddDataToDefinition
  • SimConnect_ICAO should now be accessible in C#
  • There is always the region code in ICAO field while using RequestFacilitiesList/SubscribeToFacilities
  • Fixed a crash while inspecting Data Definition with a no unit or wrong unit entry (using SimConnect Inspector)



  • Density Altitude simvar added
  • Fixed CTD caused by trying to use a variable SIMVAR_WINDSHIELD_WIND_VELOCITY not for airplanes



  • [HELICOPTER] Added a governor switch check for turbine engines (so now it can be disengaged)
  • [HELICOPTER] The float parameter governed_pct_rpm_ref in the [HELICOPTER] section of the flight_model.cfg was made to work (it existed in the .cfg but not used in the code). Please, see SDK for details
  • [HELICOPTER] The new engine trimmer can be adjusted via config file (please, see SDK documentation for details). Also added the engine trim value indication to the Engine Debug window.
  • [HELICOPTER] The maximum speed of throttle movement by the governor is now limited for turbine engines (the same way as it used to be for piston engines). This limitation can now be adjusted via config file (please, see SDK for details). The default values for piston and turbine engines are kept the same for compatibility reason
  • [HELICOPTER] The hardcoded collective speed limit was moved to the config file (please, see SDK documentation for details). The default value is kept the same for compatibility reason.
  • [HELICOPTER] Added a collective to throttle correlator, which can now be adjusted via config file (please, see SDK documentation for details)
  • [HELICOPTER] Added main rotor friction (makes rotors rotate not too long after the engine is shut down on the ground) which can be adjusted via config file (please, see SDK for details). The default value is kept at 0 for compatibility reason
  • [HELICOPTER] The hardcoded value of the rotor braking torque is moved to the config file (please, see SDK for details). The default value is kept the same for compatibility reason.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented InputEvents and JS from intercepting KeyEvents in helicopters
  • Enabled KEY_RECOGNITION_LIGHTS_SET as an input that can be held to represent a switch being enabled, and released to represent it being disabled.
  • Increased maximum engine count to 16 engines
  • Fixed parsing of fields with spaces between values
  • Aircraft Editor : Improved UX
  • [UX Improvements] Modified fields are marked with a ‘*’
  • [UX Improvements] File tabs now fit their labels
  • [UX Improvements] Removed obsolete parameters
  • [UX Improvements] Added new parameters
  • [UX Improvements] Added labels for indexed parameters for clarity
  • [UX Improvements] Improved Search Parameter subwindow UX
  • [UX Improvements] Removed float forced formatting in files
  • [UX Improvements] Automatically remove section that are not needed for helicopters (flaps, …)
  • Fixed wrong parsing of Junction parameter in fuel system
  • Fixed crash when changing engine type
  • Comment out irrelevant parameters instead of deleting them to allow recovery of their values later
  • Force presence of HYDRAULIC_SYSTEM section when required to avoid crashes
  • Added the possibility to recover deleted data when changing configuration (change of engine, switch to/from legacy configuration, …)
  • Fixed an issue that caused the FuelSystem to only read the first 7 params defined for a Trigger



  • Fixed handling of Taxi Path errors



  • Improved overall stability of renaming an item
  • Removing a Bundle/Pack now removes it
  • No longer reset all creation fields when going “Back” between popups when creating a new item.
  • Fixed removing a package then undo not putting the package back in previous filter.
  • Ergonomic improvements in Project Editor:
  • Removing an item now prompts the user to delete sources as well
  • Renaming a package now changes the name of the package in the sources folders as well + its references in bundle/packs of current project
  • Can’t rename an asset group “MarketplaceData” anymore
  • Fixed thumbnail not correctly saving when renaming an item
  • Start a new error displaying pipeline in project editor (View->Error List) (WIP)
  • Fixed crash upon doing a “Save As” on project with same project name.
  • Fixed Bundle/Packs not cleaning when clicking on “Clean All”
  • Clean Package now also checks no metadata files are opened before cleaning (only data file before)
  • New “Clean Bundle/Pack” button in Inspector.
  • Fixed failure on import package that don’t have a definition folder.
  • Fixed crash when trying to build an asset group with an output path starting with “”.
  • Fixed Marketplace Data → Capture Thumbnail incorrect size.



  • Fixed timestamp from layout.json not loaded
  • Improved multiple edition for TaxiParking, TaxiSign, Light support and ExclusionRectangle
  • Improved terraforming.
  • Fixed default runway heading
  • Fixed weird falloff on rectangles with heightmap
  • Fixed range selection in scene tree that was ignoring filter.
  • Fixed some water polygon issues
  • Added the package name in the object list tooltip
  • Added airport option to disable TIN color correction.
  • Added “exclude airport” in the exclusion rectangle
  • Fixed runway Primary/Secondary Designator no longer centered when the runway width < 25m
  • Fixed ContolTower object list
  • Keep unsupported data in the xml
  • Fixed airport disapearing when not editing airport data



  • Wasm compilation now uses LLVM15
  • Added missing functions to Gdi+
  • Added experimental support for hot reloading code changes (aka Edit and Continue)
  • Fix crash when using WASM network api with an uri that has no path component:wave: Thank you using the Bug section, using templates provided will greatly help the team reproducing the issue and ease the process of fixing it.


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